Let`s Make the Political Struggle - Arkadiy Kots Band Давай займемся политической борьбой!

Arkadiy Kots Band — Let's Make the Political Struggle

Let's Make the Political Struggle Arkadiy Kots Band
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Let's Make the Political Struggle (2014) is the result of a long studio work, dozens of shows and rallies of solidarity with political prisoners, anti-fascists, opposition fighters and workers.

"Let's make a political struggle!" — a dozen songs for those who need fury to deal with the tyrants and oppressors, and for those who need love just not to turn into one of them.

Kirill Medvedev - vocals, guitar;
Anna Petrovich - vocals, keyboards, accordion, percussion;
Oleg Zhuravlev - vocals, keyboards, violin;
Nikolay Oleynikov - frisky op, guitar, harmonica, percussion, bouzouki (5), ukulele (7);
Misha Griboedov - vocals, percussion (1,3,4,10), trombone, flugelhorn, percussion, ukulele (10); Eugene Fedorichine - electric and acoustic cello; Timofey Razinkov - drums (2,8);
Petr Omelchenko - banjo (1);
Ivan Nemykin - bass (4);
Ivan Markovskiy - guitar and ukulele (9), acoustic bass (7).

Sound recording: Ivan Markovskiy, Anna Petrovich;
Sound Production: Anna Petrovich, Ivan Markovskiy (track 9);
Cover design: Oleynikov.

Dear listeners, recording the album cost us a great financial cost, so now we ask you to support us. Please visit our website and donate a dime at our Bandcamp.
Posted by Arkadiy Kots Band on 28 November 2014
Tags: cabaret, folk, punk, country, riotfolk